Saturday, October 20, 2012

Resting Place

Let's do something a little different today. How many people on Second Life have played games? Role-play, table top, or maybe something MadPea? Most likely, if you've been on Second Life for a while, you've indulged in a few games of Greedy or explored somewhere with a story behind it.

Well, for those fans of horror (and I do hope there are a few out there, especially now around Halloween!), there's an amazing game out called Resting Place, a survival horror by Pulse Events. This game is only open until November 18th!

It's about sleep and dreams, and let's just say it's not for the faint of heart. They take some pretty real problems and apply it in nightmares for the viewer to walk through.  

If you're a fan of horror? Of nightmares and stories and puzzles and games? This is totally worth a small look-see... especially when there's well over 50 prizes to be won through the game as well. Wear the HUD and walk through these living nightmares, and look for syringes and first aid kits to get free content from supporting stores.

Enjoy. Really! It's not often that a game like this comes to Second Life, and it's worth every bit of attention you pay to it. Turn off the lights, turn up the sounds, and walk through every nightmare you might have dreamed or dared to imagine before. I've found that most places in Second Life try, but for the most part there's a lack of something that makes it genuine, like they don't really want to scare people. Resting Place takes away that segment and really tries to get into your head, with your HUD narrating what happens to you as you walk through each dream and listen to people scream.

I was recommended this place by a friend who knew my love of horror and my love of hunts, and despite partially coming here because I was told there was a hunt going on, I eventually got so into this game that I nearly forgot all about collecting prizes. There were some fantastic references going on, and crossing boundaries with some frightening phobias. A girl who watched her sister die, a little boy who grew up in a mortuary, a man who only wanted to see again... each story is unique and not just a retelling of classic movies (although there are definitely elements being paid homage to). Nightmares don't come from nothing, after all. There's always a very real fear behind it.

Don't forget to check out their shops and stores after playing through the game as well! It's where most of the generous gifts have come from, and there's quite the landscaping project going on there. I did mention my love of Cthulhu mythos, didn't I? And while most of the gifts you can find in the game can't be used with the Avatar 2.0, there are a few gems buried there.

Shamera is wearing:
Hair -- Magika [Candy Corn] (Free Group Gift)
Horns -- .: Somnia :. Rawr Horns {Orange and Black} (Free game gift)
Eyes -- A Netherworld's Moonshadow Eyes in Anemic (Free game gift)
Hat / Ribbons -- ::DR:: Orange Munchkin (Free)
Dress -- .: Somnia :. Argylarian Dress {Orange} (Free game gift)
Stockings / Boots -- Utilizator, re-coloured (not free)

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