Tuesday, October 16, 2012


As beautiful as Autumn is... the turning of the leaves, the morning dew bringing that chill of oncoming winter... let's not forget one of the greatest marks for Autumn: Halloween!

And what better to celebrate than with Arkhamville, open only this month with its beautiful scenery and spooktacular sights? (...Yeah, I can't believe I wrote that. Carry on!) Any Lovecraftian fan would be well impressed with the time and effort that must have gone into this sim, from it's small town with people and children, hotels and prisons, to the grand mansion up the hill with the ghosts and cemetary just yonder.

No, really, it's super impressive. You don't realize just how much effort is put into it until you pan out... or until you need to search for something on the sim. While I may be biased because I am a devout Lovecraftian fan (why Arkham? Why not Innsmouth?), this place is a great little find on the Second Life grid. I mean, just look at it... mansion or Arkham Asylum? You decide!

Now this place can be a little prim heavy, but I've found that it's not too bad considering there aren't too many people there at a time unlike in other Halloween grids. Not to mention, once more, this place is only going to be open until the 31st of October, so it's always worth a look knowing that it's fleeting!

For something so notorious for horror, this place can be quite beautiful from the right angle. Let's forget about the spooky ghosts and the mansion/asylum at the fringe of the mountains overseeing this entire place, and take a look at the town itself and the areas surrounding it. Colourful trees and fallen leaves cover just about everything in this town, and there are waterfalls and windmills hard at work while pubs and schools carry on with their day to day livelihoods. There are children out playing and houses dot the sim all peaceful and serene as any old town should be. Gorgeous, isn't it? How calming. Except, you need to take a little closer look at things and I love how this sim combines both the beautiful and serene with little dots of horror.

A dead body over a hopscotch chalk drawing in the children's playground. Skeletons peaking from behind buildings or perhaps even just minding their own business sitting around as it they had been there and died there the entire time and no one had noticed. Spiderwebs covering areas that few people explore, and secret passageways into underground caverns and rooms under manors.

How cool is all of that? For those who love exploring, this is definitely the place to be. Find those little nooks and crannies in this sim and maybe you'll go the way of most Arkham residents... insane.

(Look at that, even the Weeping Angels want out of this place! ...Okay, maybe they're not actually Weeping Angels, but it's close to Halloween and I can pretend.)

Last but not least, let's leave you with some goodies! Having a hard time finding a costume for your Avatar 2.0?

School uniform -- Edelweiss (Group Lucky Board) MESH
Chainsaw w/ AO and sound -- Free gift at Falsmouth Hotel
Eyes -- Poetic Colors in Pond (Group Gift)

Happy hunting~

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