Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Just a quick outfit post, because busy-busy-busy~ And the next area I've got lined up fits perfectly for November. Not to fear, though, because I tend to like blogging about scary things at all times if I find them interesting enough (like how I watched Silent Hill Revelations last night and word-vomited all over my Plurk on the pros and cons of live action movie canon when opposed to actual game canon-- and I've got to mention again that I love the cameos that I won't mention because spoilers. See? Word vomit), so there's bound to be more Halloween-y style posts not meant for actual Halloween.

Glasses -- *Tenacio* Glasses (Free)
Hair -- *eha~ Eri (Free reopening gift)
Mouth - (-A-) Funtom Lollipop Orange (Past Kuroshitsuji Hunt)
Necklaces -- Pumpkin Necklace (Free) / !*Rebel -X-*! Pumpkins Juicy (Landmark expired)
Outfit -- NS:: Pumpkin Mesh_Dress (Free)
Backpack -- Halloween Bat Doll (Free)

And then there are the free earrings that I forgot to put on, oops.

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