Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ghosts of Halloween

So welcome to the Ghosts of Halloween, a grid-wide event and hunt that's... just about impossible to do. This was perhaps one of the hardest hunts I've ever done, despite it being such a short one. Reason? Well, for one, it's trying to find little ghosts in a gigantic area, and they move around. Not only that, but there are mass amount of decoy ghosts all around. Decoys? YES. A LOT OF THEM. (And hey, I figured out how to take narrower screenshots... just don't full-size my SL!)

 So despite my love of hunts, I'm not very good at them. People who know me in real life might remember one hunt (the Kuroshitsuji one last year) where I literally spent hours at one store making myself motion sick by camera panning everywhere before I finally threw in the gauntlet and gave my computer to a roommate who found the item in under five minutes after I taught him how to use the Second Life controls. And then I just made him do the rest of that hunt for me, so it was alright. He finished it in record time, too, but then refused to do ones for me after that. Said just one was enough for him. Too bad, huh? With the amount of time it takes for me to do hunts, I don't blog about them very often.

So! What's so interesting about this place? C'mon, I don't showcase hunts unless the actual place is pretty in itself, and I'll admit that the stores on the grid aren't super fancy for the most part. There are some, definitely, but what caught my attention were the ports around this area, all with ships and all ready to set sail.

(You might have noticed how there's so many ghosts about, I can't seem to take a picture without one flying right into my camera.)

I was very, very tempted to test out my windlight settings around here (who knew? I'd been taking pictures with just the natural SL day/night settings so far), but after playing around with it for a bit, I decided that it really did look best at its most natural-- set on midnight. And it really is set on midnight, seeing as it gets super bright the moment I step away from this area.I love the dark and mysterious aspect of this place, though. It's different than the blatant attempt at horror some places try for and a subtler attempt for mystery and ghosts rather than scary.

 Expect to put in some time for this hunt if you want to get all the prizes, since the first time I tried this I thought I got a good majority of items until I went back home and attempted to open things up only for a giant ghost to eat my head! And it ended up being ghosts in most of those folders, so I realized this hunt was going to be much harder than I had originally anticipated. But then I went back again and actually slowed down to appreciate the sights when I started getting frustrated, sitting down at little eateries and a pastry shop and even a beautiful sewing room. And I love sewing rooms. I probably shouldn't so much, but... it just feels like home! The dress I'm wearing clips a little bit around the neck area, but... well, what can you do?

Hunt @ Ghosts of Halloween
Cat -- :SEY Black Cat (Free Hunt item)
Hair -- Uw.St Gost Halloween Hair (Free Hunt item)
Dress -- AMERIE Halloween Dress (Free Hunt item)
Hands -- Uw.St Gost Scrunchie / :SEY Pumpkin Bag (Free Hunt items)
Socks -- Utilizator ($100 per pack)
Shoes -- S@BBiA Short Boots (Free Halloween Group Gift)
Poses -- **Ray Skin** ($1L for pack)

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