Wednesday, October 17, 2012


On the subject of beautiful storefronts in Second Life, let's talk PARADISIS. Talk about a store that's beautiful inside and out. If you've been reading any of the freebie blogs on Second Life, you've probably heard of their generosity by now. Walk into the store and see that wall at the very front of the store? That's right: freebies. You don't even have to join their group. The entire wall is covered with freebies, each bag containing from one item to an entire (or several) outfit. And when I say each bag, I actually mean each bag as opposed to each group of bags. And they're all great stuff, even if it's not exactly to my style and nothing the Avatar 2.0 can wear (oh, mesh stuff. How hard it is to find it free and fits our sizes).

Now in the past post I talked about photography and beautiful storefronts. Paradisis? Heaven to my eyes. Not only is the inside of the shop beautiful and covered with furniture and decor, but the outside is perhaps one of the most beautiful places in Second Life... or at least it is in my opinion. Maybe it has to be since the shop is currently running a weekly pumpkin hunt, and there are pumpkins scattered not only inside the store, but also all over outside of it!

Now I tend to blog about the outside of stores, mostly because my themes tend to fit with outside beauty, so I'm going to leave the inside of the store a pleasant surprise for those who decide to venture within (and why wouldn't you?). Just the outside of the store, though, is one of the most photogenic places I've seen in Second Life. Perfect for Autumn, and I can't wait to see what the store's going to do when the weather changes towards snow and holidays. At the same time, I'd be sad to see all the beauty of falling leaves and golden pumpkins go.

Not to mention the horde of meeroos outside the shop frolicking about! Now I've had a pet on Second Life before, but it was just a little Pug named Lulu and she took quite the cost to feed and maintain each week. Now I've got a cat and a horse from my RP mom, but they're the eternal type who don't cost anything to keep... these meeroos, though? I see stats on all of them! I can't begin to imagine just how much it's taking to feed all those little cuties.

Shamera is wearing: (on the left)
Hair -- Truth Hair Kalista Streaked (not free)
Shirt -- Neo Heaven's Gate (Free) MESH
Scarf -- .:Glamorize:. ($1L)
Jeans -- Slink Bootcut Jeans (old hunt) MESH
Bracelet -- JPK Beginner's Luck (Free)
Shoes -- Utilizator (not free) MESH

And just in case people were wondering why my pictures are so wide most of the time, it's mostly because I don't exactly edit the pictures I take on Second Life, not really. Sometimes I'll crop them or clear up some small detail, but for the most part, this is actually what I see on Second Life. No enhancements!And it's even more beautiful when the everything's moving.

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