Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween items!

Alright, tiny post at the moment! Also, I finally found a link to *COCO*, so I'll go back and edit my old posts with links there as opposed to just writing out where my boots are from, haha. They have a great mesh outfit as well that I can explain how to work for the Avatar 2.0 in the next post!

One of my favourite stores in Second Life is *G Field*, and why not? They're made of super adorable; one of the only stores on SL with amazing classic Lolita dresses that's of appropriate length. And now they're getting into mesh. Now until Halloween, all of their items orange and black (and some purple) are on sale 50% off, including their mesh items! And as a Halloween gift, *G Field* has this gorgeous dress out.

Does it fit the Avatar 2.0? Oh, yes. You don't even need to make anything invisible, things fit so well. There is the tiniest bit of clipping at the collar and the underarms if you don't put things on invisible, but you can also just take care of that by turning off arms. That's another fantastic thing about this store: it just fits so well, and even their bikinis fit!

Hair -- Magika [Candy Corn] (Free Group Gift)
Necklace -- Pumpkin Necklace (Free)
Dress / Hair bow -- *G Field* Vivian Halloween (Free)
Socks -- Utilizator ($100L for pack)
Boots --S@BBiA  (Free Group Gift)

Also, as an extremely important post... even with mesh, there are so many things that the Avatar 2.0 can't wear... because there are clothing that's partial mesh or mesh that just doesn't fit. Things keep clipping. A lot of things.

Mercia's Make-up and Skin Pack help a lot, but not enough to get all mesh items. Things still clip, especially parts of the shoulders and neck area, even though it'll help you wear most dresses. But what about other things? I still have to package about 80% of the mesh items I find because the clipping is just too much. Maybe it's because I've been more partial to warmer clothing now that autumn is here.

This is where Alice's Body Alphas come in so handy, you wouldn't believe it. What does it do? It allows the Linden Labs Avatar to seep through. If you want to wear a shirt under your mesh, the Avatar 2.0 can't wear clothing layers. The Body Alpha, however, allows you to wear parts of your Avatar 2.0. And this allowed me to wear the beautiful Umi Usagi items, which are partial mesh and made me very sad for a while to realize that I wouldn't be able to wear because of that clothing layer. Well, now I can wear it!

Hat -- ::DR:: at Beginnger's Luck (free)
Dress -- Umi Usagi Halloween Promo (Lucky Board)
Accessories -- Old Hunt items and gifts!
Boots -- *G Field* Halloween Will Boots ($86L)

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