Saturday, October 15, 2016

Images for Halloween!

So what have I been doing the past little while? I'm usually fairly active here around October, right? I love the scary stuffs, right?

Ding, ding! That's correct! The thing is, I finally got the rare mesh head that I wanted (that's why I had excess of the same face for Iphys), and decided to finally take the plunge and splurge for a Maitreya body, which tends to be waaay more than I'm willing to spend for just about anything. I think it's actually my largest purchase in Second Life in... well, ever. So it took me a while to stop cringing, to tell the truth. But I love it! I love the sheer amount of clothing made to fit Maitreya, and I love the crazy amount of alpha hiding. Now I can actually wear more than before due to the bits and pieces of the body that I can hide.

So what else have I been doing? Well, I've got my heart set on the FabFree Photo Challenge, so I've been taking pictures for that. I'll showcase a few here, and if you want to get the outfits, then just click on the pictures-- it'll take you to the Flickr page which will have the links to get all the free items... since that's what the Challenge requires!

Most of what I've been doing is testing my own photography skills, to be honest. I have a tendency of snapping a nice picture on Second Life and then throwing open Photoshop just to either crop or resize it a little without changing anything at all. I've seen so many other people with super amazing pictures that looks like the entire thing was created from scratch on Photoshop and never understood why anyone would want to take more than thirty seconds on it.

Well, that's what I'm doing now. Taking a bit more than thirty seconds. Granted, most of it is still definitely time spent on Second Life adjusting lighting to get the images right, now I'm doing just a bit more editting to get the colours just a little bit more eye-catching.

Maybe soon I'll learn to do more than that! Who knows?