Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dress for Autumn

For the person who decides to go with Avatar 2.0 completely, finding things to wear isn't always easy. There's the Utilizator store, yes, but that's a limited selection of clothes. So what else? ColdLogic is fantastic for size, but they're so beyond my price range that it makes me cringe when I look at fatpacks. (That's not to say I don't have items from ColdLogic.)

And more than that, most mesh clothing that would fit Avatar 2.0 (which is not a lot at all when you keep trying on demo after demo and everything just rezzes through just a little... clipping on the shoulders, the armpits, the thighs, the chest, the arms... it really isn't worth it trying to wear mesh like that, then. So the oldies and freebies around? Is there anything affordable out there for the autumn weather?

Of course there is! And here are three outfits just to show.

Numero uno! The Bohemian dress, just for the Boho Culture Fair going on right now in Second Life. And what says autumn like the good and solid fall colours that don't really work during any other season without good reason?

The Boho Culture Fair is only ongoing from October 15th - October 31st, so be prepared for a lot of people and possibly heavy lag. But I've yet to explore all of it, and the few seconds I went got me this beautiful dress! Definitely worth it. Almost every store there has a gift for people, so if you have a regular avatar as well... it's a good idea to go!

Hair -- Magika Hair (Group Gift)
Necklace /Bracelets -- Past gifts from KJ
Dress -- Fatal (Free gift @ Boho)
Boots -- ALB California Dream (Free @ MP)

My love for NiNight Creations shouldn't be a secret just from my few previous posts. The have gorgeous group gifts, and they actually fit the Avatar 2.0 most of the time! As such, when the Gimme Candy Now Hunt featured NiNight... well, I went straight there first! 

Tank Top /Stockings -- Utilizator (not free)
Sweater dress -- NiNight (Gimme Candy Hunt)
Jewelery -- Stars! @ Womenstuff (Group Gift 50l to join)
Boots -- old S@BBiA lucky board
 Last but not least!

A cute Halloween style sweater from Bonne Chance as part of their small Halloween Hunt. Look for the little bats, and one of them is this sweater.

That's the bat that my avatar is hugging below, since you can find that one for free quite easily! The sweater itself is $10L, though, but with how well it fits, I'd say it's cute and well worth it for Halloween!

The socks are the animated experimental stockings from Utilizator, coloured orange. I may not be great with textures and such, but it's very easy to recolour a few things, which is what I do with the tank tops to make it fit under just about anything I need it to.

All the pictures were just taken at LOVELYs Photo Studio.

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