Sunday, August 12, 2018

Summer Adventures

Wow, I've been gone for more than half a year on this blog! It's been a while since I focused on a single place or outfit, but I just wanted to get it on the record that I haven't dropped from Second Life or anything-- I've been quite busy this summer in-game, and having a blast still! Eleven and a half years on this platform, and there's still a tonne of stuff to see and do that I've never so much as touched before~ There's no possible way for me to actually do everything I want to do in time!

First off would probably be the Indiana Jones-style summer vacation adventure that I took with my family out into the jungle-- from climbing volcanoes and dodging pre-historic creatures while we tried to collect their eggs and not have them eat us for it... to solving puzzles in Egyptian tomes and avoiding traps, it was a tonne of fun every time I could get just the slightest bit of time to come back online. 
I've had people ask me before, "But what do you even do on Second Life?" And the answer is... anything and everything you want! Don't limit yourself? Sure, it's a chat platform, and that's honestly primarily what I use it as, but it's also a way to go on an adventure with friends and family that might live far away from you. 

It's a way of building together and exploring together and having fun together, without having to leave the comfort of your home. I know for me, this summer has been an atrocity when it comes to temperature-- it's been way too hot to exist outside of an air conditioned room (even if that's what I had to do for the most part), but I've had plenty of laughs just chatting with people I love over SL and other platforms as well.

There's something about summer that brings out a lot of activities in the game, I think, despite my own claims that it's the most active during Halloween and Christmas season. From festivals to pool parties, movie nights and dances under the stars to vacations to escape the heat, there's always something going on (at all times, really!) on SL.

I know in just the past month, I've scoured through the Crystal Heart faire and the mermaid event... lots of different faires had their birthday celebrations, which means a lot of free gifts that I honestly barely even had the time to go through at all! I didn't pick up a lot of stuff this year, but I'm still very happy with the things I did manage to get. I suppose that's the one thing in Second Life that will stay the same (or at least, I hope so)-- all the presents at various events! It's always nice to get some souvenirs from all the places I go to... ones I'll keep, anyway, since I still really need to clean out my inventory!

If there's anything I've been somewhat disappointed with on Second Life this summer, it's the sheer number of events and happenings that haven't come back. There's too many summer festivals and games that have been replaced by shopping events, and it makes me just the slightest bit agitated because I was eagerly awaiting the summer festivals and games. Kagami, for one (and I've blogged about it before years ago) is a horror game that in the past had been free for anyone who steps onto the sim for the duration of August... but it's completely gone this year. Also gone is the gacha place I tend to frequent for second-hand items, since it tended to be both cute and cheap.

Ahh, but that's how life goes, isn't it? Second Life, as well, is a fairly quick moving place when you look in the right direction. Sure, I have items from years and years ago that I use quite often, but for the most part, it's been quite the progression as well! (Double the prim space this year!) Prims to flexi to sculpti to mesh-- it's been a long ten years. But a fun one.

And so, here's to another summer spent in-game~ hope everyone else's summer vacation was as quirky and adventurous as mine, perfect for bringing home plenty of photos and memories!

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