Wednesday, October 11, 2017

2017's Nightmare

Waiting for you in the dark.

So let's talk about how every year, Second Life's Nightmare takes me a bit out of my comfort zone. This event certainly plays with nightmares... and your deepest fears. I know last year I literally stood up from my computer and made my roommate navigate through a room because there was just this one area that triggered by trypophobia badly. Let's talk about how the Nightmare this year isn't for the faint of heart.

Halloween is a fantastic time on Second Life-- I daresay it's the best time to experience this platform in general, due to all the enthusiasm all the creators have for the holiday, and the cheer all the residents gain from experiencing the numerous areas, hunts, games, and so forth that are given to them. It's certainly the time of year with the most to do-- you could say Christmas has the most to collect, but Halloween has the most interactive stories for you to play. All of those stories, of course, are centered along either the theme of horror or a fairy-tale fantasy element to make it magical and fun.

The Nightmare takes the horror theme and runs with it. They're not here to tell you some whimsical story, they're not here for happy bubbly cartoon witches hunched over cauldrons wishing children happy holidays; they're here to scare the pants off you. Or if that fails, make you remember them. This is an area of blood and gore and no punches pulled. In fact, the starting area is nearly pitch black with giant broken doll heads who have eyes that follow you.

Get for setting up the mood, right?

So there's so trigger warnings in this post, because you should know what you're getting into before you go. I don't try to guess the phobias they're going for, but it tends to be... rather specific in nature if you relate. Darkness, monsters, spiders, dolls... whatever it is, if you want to experience the Nightmare, you better girdle your loins first!

The point of this place is mostly a hunt, though, and you're here to find a few keys and teeth this time. Keys to get you from place to place (sometimes you won't be able to progress without them, so always be on the lookout!), and 25 teeth will complete the HUD for you to unlock access to the shopping area... which has a gift from every vendor.

Every. One.

It's a lot, trust me! But keep in mind that the gifts can be in the theme of the Nightmare, so if you're disgusted by what you saw, you might not want to keep some of the gifts (like.... eyeballs... dripping out of mouths...), but otherwise there's some great stuff there that shouldn't be missed! I always recommend the Nightmare because it feels like the quintessential of what Halloween can be on Second Life-- and by that, I just mean pure Halloween spirit. No stories, no distractions, just atmosphere and a hunt that forces you to look in every corner you didn't want to look at.

So are you ready?

Do you dare?

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