Monday, October 9, 2017


And now for something completely different!

For the month of October this year, Calliope is hosting the Matsuri, which is a beautifully done shopping event plus stamp rally hunt that's a little different than usual. How does it work, you might ask? Because it's a hunt that's.. not quite a hunt. 

Well, for one thing, in order to get any of the hunt / stamp rally items they've giving away, you've got to buy something from the event first. And not just any item-- event exclusive items from any stall will give you a no copy stamp HUD that will take you to the stores of the creators were you look for a giant red sign (seriously, it's bigger than me, they'e not trying to hide it, folks) and click on it for a stamp. 15 stamps from 15 different stores, and you come back to the Matsuri to rezz your stamp card on a weight that will tell you if you have enough stamps or not. Once you get enough stamps, you get to choose from one of the prizes they're giving away. Then your card disappears. 
So the more you buy from the event, the more prizes you can get! But you do have to go and collect stamps each time. 

Luckily enough, I was given a few birthday presents from the event that were exclusive to the Matsuri (Yesss, my birthday is coming up! But, like... next month. So this is pre-emptive!)  But less about the hunt and more about what I usually blog about, right? How beautiful and photogenic is this place, and will I be missing out on a Second Life experience if I don't make the time to come here? Is this place, a shopping district, really worth checking out if I'm not here to buy anything?

WELL. Even if you're not here for the shopping event and stamp rally, you'd definitely be missing out if you don't check this place out. It's beautifully done, with two parts to the sim-- the shopping district, and the area to collect your stamp prizes, which also happens to have numerous buildings all decorated by the creators who are selling their works here. 

Each building is impeccable and gorgeous, filled with little details that makes me really want to own everything made here. This place is adorable and beautiful at the same time, and it's really no wonder with the host of creators in this event.

To be honest, though, I came for the food!

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