Sunday, May 1, 2016

We're in the City of Wonder

Your mind is in Disturbia, it's like the darkness is the light.
Now, I know I said there'd be a few more fashion posts, but I was just enamoured with this place the moment I saw it and knew it had to be on this blog!

Welcome to Disturbia, a beautiful little sim rife with opportunities for photographers! It is an Adult sim, so I don't recommend bringing the little ones along on this ride, although the Adult rating is more for the horror aspect (as well as naked corpses sewn on the ground) than it having anything to do with sex.

From what I can tell, there's no game going on here (although it would definitely be amazingly cool if the creators were to make a game out of this place!), a Mystery seems to be a part of the title here. What happened? It looks like an old abandoned carnival ground, with some very questionable blood strewn over the place and green pollutants in the air. One side of the island is inhabited by killer clowns and broken down buildings and rides.

On the other side, however, is something else entirely-- reminding me a lot more of a video game come to life within the confines of Second Life. There are skeleton archers, mages, statues of Goddesses, and monsters that look like they've stepped straight out of MMO rather than a carnival.

And it works! Likely because the two areas, despite both being Disturbia, are on separate little islands connected by a thin wooden bridge. Unfortunately for me, I didn't feel like one outfit could cut both sides of the bridge, so I kept the MMO area unfiltered by my trapeze outfit. Although that just means I'll have to remember this place again when I want to actually do an MMO shoot (which I've been meaning to look into recently because I'm ever so slowly collecting pieces that would make up an elven archer on SL!).

Most of the photogenic areas on both little islands are nice and spaced out, though, so there's minimal lag despite the sheer amount of detail and textures on everything here. That make it a pretty ideal place for pictures if you're looking for something that's slightly horror, slightly video game-ish! It's not often that I find a place as beautiful as this that isn't made by either MadPea or Bryn Oh. Despite the crazy amount of horror sims on Second Life, there still aren't that many which will invest in the amount of graphics that an entire sim of detailed mesh will take. It's nice to see a place bringing SL out of the boxy prim era.

Shamera is wearing:
Astralia - Soraya Headpiece BLACK [ past free gift, now $250L for color HUD ]
Hair - [e] Other in White [ $75L, tinted blue ]
Goth1c0: The Dark Circus Trapezist [ past Twisted Hunt item ]
S@bbia :: Suede Knee-high Boots [ past free LB, now $100L ]

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