Saturday, April 23, 2016

Love, From Mattie

Sooooo~ happy fun times, but not a day after I made the previous post regarding child fashions, my computer decides to subject me to multiple blue screens of death! Luckily, my laptop isn't too opposed to Second Life, although it won't let me on for too long at my usual graphics (set to Ultra because I'm spoiled like that).

Thus, it'll be a short post with just Mattie today! I've found that while the Avatar 2.0 seems to suit the child avatars better than, say, the Kemono (which has issues with the body being a few inches in front of the clothes, but I'll get to that in another post), it still doesn't quite fit most of the children's very... very skinny fashions. What can I say? I certainly hadn't been that skinny as a child, so I appreciate this avatar much more with the flat chest if I'm going for sizes.

That being said, what Avatar 2.0 is good for, though... is all those in-between fashions!

For now, I'll just showcase a few things: CoCo, STYLE, Adorkable, and Vicarious Youth.

Top picture:
Dress: Free Group Gift @ CoCo Designs
Glasses: Free gift at 187 Boutique 

Left picture:
Shirt: Free gift from STYLE
Jeans: Free Group Luckyboard @ Adorkable
Ankle Boots: Free Group Gift @ CoCo Designs

Middle Picture:
Ribbon Mufflers: Free Group Gift from STYLE
Raincoat / Boots: Free Gift from Little Sparrow Boutique @ Big Dreams
Capris: Free Gift from Vicarious Youth

Right picture:
Dress: Free from Vicarious Youth
Shoes: Free Group Luckyboard @ Vicarious Youth

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