Monday, May 9, 2016

FaMESHed 4th year

You know what, since we were just doing a post about the anniversary of one event, let's do a post on the anniversary of another! Yes, that sounds like a great idea because my inventory is totally going to thank me for pulling two events in two days. But then again, events like this (with loads of beautifully made freebies) tend to be extremely crowded, so when I found that it was still easy to get into FaMESHed today, I knew I just had to take the chance.

This month FaMESHed is celebrating its fourth year, and that means that sheer amount of item put out as gifts (yes, you need to join the group. Yes, the group is free!) is quite astonishing, and the majority is more than the usual trinkets I sort through when I go to places with small gifts! This month seems to spring multiple outfits, dresses, shoes, furniture, and various accessories that took me quite some time to sort through. What I've found somewhat disappointing, however, and this isn't a slur to the event or the vendors, is that a lot of places are slowly fazing out the old SL standard mesh sizes to be replaced with certain brands like Maitraya or Slink. While great for them-- this is somewhat devastating to me because the Avatar 2.0 fits the standard sizes well but not the special sizes.

Thus, I won't be showing any of the shoes that I've managed to collect, because goodness knows I'd save up loads for someone to make socks for the Avatar 2.0 that would work perfectly for Slink sizes as well. Let's not even mention normal Kemono socks. I think I'll actually try my own hand at mesh and textures if I can just get some normal ankle socks for my little boy.

Speaking of little boy, though! I'm borrowing Zerou today and aging him up to show another one of the very dapper gifts from the FaMESHed event. He's not exactly happy about it, but it's always good to prepare some outfits for when he grows up, right?

I'm starting a collection of clothes he can wear as an adult, because good men's mesh don't come around often as gifts so he's going to need all the time and help he's going to get.

Zerou is wearing:
Mesh Head / Skin / Shape
-- Genesis Lab. Hiro [We<3RP gift]
Hair - Dura Unisex 32 [$120L]
Suit - Kauna 2BN Casual Suit: Check Grey [FaMESHed gift]

Shamera is wearing:
Hair - /Wasabi Pills/ Marissa Hair
Sunglasses - KITJA gift Silver
Earrings -  [Z O O M] Marine Earrings
Necklace - *{JB}* Crystal Acorn Choker
Armbands - *{JB}* Elegant Arm Cuffs
Dress -  NYU Satin Draped Dress
(all found as gifts at FaMESHed!)

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