Monday, May 16, 2016


I figured it's time I shared one of my favourite places to go when looking for photoshoot oppotunities-- Frisland.  This cloudy, sleepy little island is not only one of the most beautiful places I've seen in Second Life, but also happens to be extremely accomodating for those looking for beautiful pictures-- join the group, and you get temporary rez rights to allow you a space to put down your pose balls if need be.

This idyllic isle is the perfect place not only to take photos, but to enjoy the calm serenity that can be offered. There are birds chirping, farm animals grazing, and buildings interspaced that serve from housing to schools to windmills and barns, to a tiny rustic chapel at one corner of the island, just waiting for someone to come and sit in search of inner peace.

I've never truly seen anything else of its like on Second Life. Every inch of this island provides new and different opportunities for spending time with friends and family online, taking some of the most beautiful photos I've encountered so far. I could churn out dozens and dozens of pictures for this post, and none would be able to do the entire sim a bit of justice.

There's something soft and sweet here, like honeysuckle in the summer heat, and yet cool enough to make you shiver. A summer storm, perhaps. The grass and leaves are silken to the eyes, and the entire sim embraces that feeling of a calm sanctuary.

From camping grounds to beaches to little alcoves tucked away behind flower-ladden trees and birdcall, this entire place is a visual embodiment of how I felt a Tennyson poem would be-- not so much his Arthurian works, but more like The Islet:

a sweet little Eden on earth that I know,
A mountain islet pointed and peak'd;
Waves on a diamond shingle dash,
Cataract brooks to the ocean run,
Fairily-delicate palaces shine
Mixt with myrtle and clad with vine,
And overstream'd and silvery-streak'd
With many a rivulet high against the Sun
The facets of the glorious mountain flash
Above the valleys of palm and pine.'

Obvious, the comparison isn't perfect (I'm over writing reports on poetry!), but it's the essence that I feel runs parallel and true.

Shamera is wearing:
 *barberyumyum* 53 mixblue [ past LB @ Sanarae ]
  Gritty Kitty Studio Headphones [ discontinued? ]
~Tableau Vivant~ Cho Hair - Sun&Flower [ accessory w/ 75L gacha ]
 :Moon Amore: Traveler Necklace [ past Kustom9 gift ]
[Miseria] Bearnotes Backpack [ past gacha ]
Just a Girl top and skirt [ Carver's End prize ]
Izzie's Leather & Beads Watch Bracelet [ past hunt item, now 249L ]
Utilizator shorts, socks, and boots [ 100L, 20L, 100L ]


  1. I am really touched by your words ... reading about your impression of Frisland makes it even harder for me to let it go ... yet the time has come and I want to thank YOU and all the others who have visited and taken pics *hugs*

    1. I'm definitely going to miss this place like mad! But thank you SO MUCH for sharing this beautiful place for so long and allowing us the opportunity to visit! ❤❤