Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Holidays!

 Quick post since December turned out to be a much busier month than I thought it would be! (But then, don't most Decembers?) Haven't had much time to go exploring, and thus! Fashion posts. Just how is it that I managed to make time for clothes?

...Well, it's called the Advent Calendar and a lot of very generous and awesome people on Second Life.

Hair -- *Dura* Group Gift for women
Scarf -- "La petite fleur" AutumnSetupMuffler ($30L)
Outfit -- Umi Usagi (free group gift)
Socks -- Utilizator Basic Socks ($100L)
Ice Skates -- Paradisis Icy Cute (free)

 So many good movies came out in December, too! Anyone seen The Hobbit yet? Rise of the Guardians? I was a little sad Jack Frost didn't stay in my town very long... everything was glimmering in the morning, but when I finally went out, it started to rain and melt all the nice White Winter stuffs.

Hair -- Magika Early Christmas (free group gift)
Scarf -- ::Mr. Poet:: Wide Scarf (free)
Dress -- PR21-CheckD (free hunt item)
Shirt/Pin -- +NK+ 2011 X-Mas Gift (free)
Socks -- Utilizator Experimental Socks ($100L)
Shoes -- Utilizator White Boots ($100)

I have a Christmas tradition where instead of watching things like A Christmas Carol or things like that... I like to sit down with warm food and company and spend an evening watching The Hogfather. Because Discworld! At this rate, though, I think I may develop a tradition to watch Rise of the Guardians before Easter as well. For the people who have seen both, don't they have similar concepts? I love it way too much.

Hat -- MESHiah Christmas Hat (free)
Hair -- Magika Faint Blood (Halloween group gift)
Outfit -- Umi Usagi "USA long-tea" (lucky board)
Socks -- Utilizator Experimental Socks ($100L)
Shoes -- Utilizator White Boots ($100L)
Extra! This outfit was in no way free, but I don't know if people remember how much I seem to gush over everything that *G Field* makes. Perfect fit? Oh, yes. I've go absolutely nothing invisible on the Avatar 2.0 right now! AND the coat was half off!

Also, people shouldn't miss out on Alice Project's Advent Calendar. What is it? Well, it's a bunch of stores giving away one free thing every day this month for December. That's right: everyday. Something new.

Hair -- *Alice Project* Jessica (Advent gift)
Outfit -- G Field Winter Coat "Natalie" ($170L)
Socks -- Utilizator Basic Socks ($100L)
Shoes -- G Field Lace-up Boots "Gina" ($280)

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