Friday, November 16, 2012

The LA Experience

 Short post! Mostly for a little place this time, featured on the Destination Guide for real places. I wanted something different, and people who know me know that I grew up in LA... it's been a while since I went back and I have to admit I miss the place, despite my love of the beautiful British Columbia.

 It's a little club called Whisky a Go Go, and outside  it's just a single street corner, but gosh, I love it. It certainly feels very Los Angeles. Cars and billboards and a 76 gas station... wow. I never even realized the difference between LA and here were so stark until I saw this place again. For all urban areas are similar, they do also have their own little differences... or not so little?

So admittedly? I really like this place and it's little detailings... I will admit that I was slightly disappointed to discover that the shops on this 'street' were barren of anything. They're just hollow boxes, and I had hoped to discover actual little details within them.

 But otherwise... wow. You know what I was most impressed by? The sunset. The haziness (because LA is covered by a layer of smog, and it's actually pretty obvious most of the time) and the graffiti and cars everywhere. The bits of dirtiness. LA, to me, is almost right in the middle of what urban centers are like, but I may be extremely biased. British Columbia has a dirty, but considered clean in comparison, downtown. Los Angeles... well, I remember as a child when my uncle took me downtown and I refused to get out of the car because I just couldn't believe how scary the outside was!

Of course, after that, I've been to worse cities, but if given the choice... I probably still wouldn't step outside the car in downtown LA. ^^;; I probably wouldn't step outside in downtown Vancouver, actually.

Shamera is wear (for this occasion):
Hair -- D!va Hair [ Tomoko2 ] (lucky board free)
Top -- R.icielli Peplum Jacket/#blue ($15L hunt)
Shoes -- R.icielli TESS boots in black ($15L hunt)

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