Saturday, November 3, 2012

MadPea Carnival

 Everyone in Second Life has heard of MadPea before, right? They're one of the prominent names when it comes to games: puzzles, adventure, mystery, etc, etc. And if anyone knows me, they'll know I love playing games on Second Life. The Devil's Labyrinth had been one of my favourite places years ago, and that was long before MadPea, even. If you've never played one of their games on Second Life, or worse, have never heard of them, you're definitely missing out!

 Admittedly, my next post was going to be about SLOW or even The Well, which was a game I saw when signing onto Second Life once. But then the opening page advertised MadPea Carnival, and I completely lost track of what I was doing in order to visit the grid.

(I think I had been doing something for NaNoWriMo, but then again, I can't quite remember. I am doing that this month, though, so I may be scarcer when it comes to posts, mostly because I don't really have time to explore as much as I'd like to... NaNo, Haven, a convention this weekend, birthdays, and this blog? November is a busy month!)

But let's go back to MadPea. To me, this entire place is extremely impressive. There's a lot of attention to detail and textures, and all the pictures look like this because I allow regional windlight settings. Looks cool, doesn't it? It certainly makes the rare red splash in the entire carnival all the more noticeable. I like to keep regional windlights on mostly because I want to see what the creators of the sim intended for me to see. Not many people have their own windlights, though, it seems.

The fun part is, this actually is a carnival! There are games and stores and many, many poses to take pictures on. There are rides and items to win for those who dare to try their hand, and then there are promotions for the games that they still have on Second Life (there are a few that they took off, I believe, as I remember a very old one that had to do with... twins? Or at least one area on their grid that told a story and you had to climb and climb and I was stuck for hours because I'm terrible at gathering clues), so it's not to be missed!

It maybe slightly gruesome and a little scary to the average person, but it's well worth a visit. My pictures don't do the region justice at all, especially when you see the occasional mechanical spider car run along the tracks of the roller coaster.

Be aware that this is a very prim and texture heavy area. I was lucky that I didn't really lag, but it certainly did take a good amount of time before everything loaded. This is a huge area, and I haven't explored all of it yet. In fact, I think it's going to take me a good while to go through all of this if there are various games from MadPea that I've missed (and I'm certain I missed quite a few-- their latest hunt, for one), and then there are the games to be played just right here.

If nothing else, I suggest going because it's one of those places on Second Life that really shouldn't be missed. I made a friend on that sim, even, who told me about a gorgeous sim he used to go to that didn't exist anymore. Don't be like me and be that person who has no idea on what they're missing out!

As a special dedication, for anyone who knows me and my love of Cthulhu mythos (how can you not know with how much I mention it in my blog?) is this little area which seems to have cracked the middle of the carnival. There's definitely an Old One slowly awakening in this area, and I don't recommend getting too close to it lest you don't mind losing your sanity.

(Like I said, I had originally been dressed for elsewhere, and too impatient to find an outfit for this area to change into. I'll be better in the next sim, I promise!)

 Extra pictures (because I couldn't stop taking them!):

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  1. Thank you for this awesome blogpost! As I keep saying, you guys are the reason we will never stop creating. Glad you enjoy it. :)