Sunday, December 30, 2012

Echoes in the Garden

Finally another location post! This is Echoes in the Garden, which is... chilling. In a good way. Such a small place, and yet such an impact. Turn up your graphics, turn up your sound, and then don't try to cheat this area by flying over it. An extremely haunting dream that changes as you walk over it, this is definitely a place you shouldn't miss out on. It takes so little time to walk through that there is really no excuse for missing it.

 There is a lack of colour in this place, and that makes the subtle touches of radiance all the more noticeable. It's so surreal in this place that I can't quite describe it, only that the the sounds add so much to the atmosphere. Listen closely at all times for the different whispers and the different songs sung by a little girl onto the wind as you step past a landscape that conforms to you.
 The eyes will follow you, the steps will change and rearrange themselves for your as you take each step, and flowers grow and disappear in the wake of your footfalls. This could be a dream you once had but could never remember, which fits the theme of this place so perfectly as voices ask you if anyone could hear or would listen to the echoes in the garden. I don't understand all the symbolism here, but damned if I'm not going to keep trying to figure out it.

I think the most fantasical part of this journey was approaching the top realizing that you're not invisible in this area-- this place sees you. It reacts to you, responds to you. And when you call for the lightning and the thunders, it's such a thrill to see it respond. Is it really a dream? Is it a lucid one? Just what exactly is watching you at all times, the raindrops forming into eyes that can't seem to tear itself away from you as they fall, clinging by the barest strand to the cloud in which they originated from? Where do the roots of this dream and this garden lead? Just what exactly might you not have heard?

If you're not straining to find more of this place and hear more of the voices by the end of this experience, you might have to start over from the beginning.

Shamera is wearing:
Hair with hat -- [ANCAYI] Winter Hat (free)
Scarf -- couverture Neck Warmer>Grey (group gift)
Socks -- Utilizator Basic Socks ($100L per pack)
Shoes --  Paradisis Icy Cute (free)

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