Thursday, October 22, 2015

Halloween around the corner!

So normally I have lots of posts of Halloween, and this year is no exception! The only thing is that I seem to have posted everything on other sites (tumblr, flickr), so I'm going to move them over-- expect a barrage!

What I'd also like to focus on is just how beautiful Second Life can be when people dedicate a little more time to it: I've had family sigh and tell me that they'd play Second Life if only the game was prettier... and I don't understand that sentiment at all. Sure, there's a great number of sims that seem to be stuck in the 2004-2007 era in terms of graphics, but that's actually not the majority of places I see. Most other areas are incredibly proud of how beautiful Second Life can be, and they show it!

 The pictures in this post were taken at a sim called The Trace, and yes it IS this beautiful there. I've even gif'ed the area to show that it really is as beautiful as it looks, and that it's the perfect place to go for some autumn relaxation and explorations!

Pumpkin Staff: Free group gift at COCO Designs
 Hat + Hair: Free Subscriber gift from Magika
 Morrow Gothic Dress: PAST free gift from Evie's Closet
 Hecate's Broom: Free at NeverWish
 Penta Harness: $1 Halloween gift at T&S
 OW leather boots: $1L from ATOMIC Marketplace

 Pose: !bang group gift ($100L to join)
 WitchCraft Garters: PROMO $25L @ Apple May Designs (now $100L)
Mesh Avatar: Avatar 2.0 from Utilizator ($500L)
 Skin Mod: Ombre from !free (discontinued)
 Gloves/Socks: Utilizator ($100L each)

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