Tuesday, August 11, 2015


 Since I promised a fashion post (2 posts ago), this one is going to be a little thing to talk about the free mesh clothing you can get at !gO! that they have lined up outside the stores ($1L per outfit), and a little bit just practicing my photography now that I've actually updated my Firestorm Viewer.

The sim that I practised taking these pictures on is HERE, and I'm sad to say that I haven't yet played through the game available (which does sound really cool, in a LOST sort of manner) mostly because I'm doing this (for some reason) at 2am in the morning, and a little because I was trying to take and then edit the pictures immediately... which didn't work out all that well when Firestorm and Photoshop both tried to compete for the most amount of RAM on my computer.

A reminder that: yes, I am still using the Avatar 2.0 body, and this cute turquoise summer outfits fits just about perfectly-- sparing an inch or two around the waist for the skirt (and thus I put on a bikini underneath).

I'll leave this post at just this outfit (there are plenty of other mesh outfits outside the !gO! store, but be aware that most of them will not fit as perfectly as this outfit, although thanks to the latest Avatar 2.0 updates most of those outfits will fit with a little bit of tweaking), as while the hair and sandals were both free, they're expired items (unless you collected free things from the Hair Faire this year and just haven't opened all the boxes, this is one of the hairs we got!) and I'll try to do a few more outfits in my next post!

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