Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"Why does it all have to be so creepy?!"

...Okay, so the title comes directly from my roommate, who gave me to teleport over to Origami because she knows I like pretty places... and apparently, most of those pretty places are extremely creepy as well!

The sim is a scenery mall filled with handfuls of tiny stores with a Japanese slanted theme, most of them with a slight horror element. Not too much, though! Just... a store that sells bleeding dolls, or kimonos (but the advert will feature a headless mannequin with a large flower for a head to display it), or masks. 

What I didn't notice while panning around and taking pictures (I go around far faster than my computer can load areas) is that it's soon to host the summer festival come July! I'm going to guess it's going to be in a fantastically creepy theme (and I definitely have to start looking at kimonos and accessories to put together for the festival soon...) which is something I desperately miss throughout the year... well, except during October, when all the sims decide that being creepy and scary is in the 'in' thing due to Halloween (guys, guys, creepy is always 'in').

So I'll do a proper post about this place once the festival comes along (wow, it really is going to be summer soon! Time really flies... even the summer night market is already open...), but for now enjoy the landmark because I know that the creepy/cute event only comes around once a year and what's better than having a few permanent destinations when you're feeling the urge to scare a roommate?

The next entry will actually be a fashion update, I promise! (Or perhaps the new Attack on Titan sim that Utilizator has created...? I still have to visit that!)

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