Thursday, January 8, 2015

50LI experiment

Welcome back to this blog! Well, perhaps I should be telling myself that seeing as I haven't been updating when I really should be.... Massive apologies for skipping Halloween and Christmas, two of the biggest events on Second Life (with plenty of hunts, mazes, games, and so forth). But as a first post for 2015, I've created a challenge to myself for low-prim living! 

Readers might recall that in a previous post I spoke of how it wasn't hard to maintain a nice cozy area on Second Life so long as you were willing to put in a little effort when it comes to furniture hunting. It doesn't always means buying the most expensive furniture, either! I have a few items down that I've gotten from hunts, although most I accumulated through sales and the such. SO, the experiment was what I could do with 50 land impact of space within 100 square feet.

 I like to think I did alright. Of course, most people on Second Life tend to go straight for a bedroom and living room, probably with a wall separating them. On my part, I like having a kitchen and bathroom as well (although I'm sure some people might sigh at the idea of having a bathroom on the game... why bother when you can finally forego that?). And I've found that places for rent, or even houses that you buy, don't have many rooms. Or at least, that's how the story goes: the more rooms created, the higher amount of land impact (LI) space needed and so many renters don't offer multiple rooms, and neither do many houses. A lot of times they'll just segway into a second story rather than build more walls.

 I didn't change up the floor or walls or ceiling (and you might notice the floating blue box that was a rent sign -- I was very dedicated to this experiment!), since I took a week rent at the Flamingo Court Motel, which is a nice little place I used to stay at many years ago before mesh ever came out. And if you stay there, you'll notice that everything there seems very old, even if it's spacious and comfortable. But it was a perfect location for my little experiment (and if you want to go see it within the next week, I rented out room 9).

I guess you could say I have a habit of trying to fit as many things in the room as possible, and while I wasn't entirely satisfied with the amount of items I have here, it doesn't seem too bad to me. I've got a living room, sewing area, kitchen with dining, and a partition for the bathroom area which is connected to a bedroom area... all in a single studio apartment using bookshelves and such to change up the area so that I don't leave too much blank space around. 

I haven't even put in any photographs or the sort, just threw out as many pieces of furniture as I was able. Everything you see in the room excluding the rental box, the floors and the actual walls... that's what I threw out. All of that amounts of 50LI, including wall stuffs and rugs. Not too shabby, I think. I could have probably cut down a lot on the LI if I hadn't included the sewing room, but I have a fascination for things like that (I have a sewing area in real life, see, but don't have bolts of fabric like that).

The item with the highest LI here is actually the bed, topping it all off at 6LI. The sofa is 3LI, and each of the seats only take a single land impact. The dining set and bathtub took 3LI as well, but surprisingly, nothing else amounted that high after that. And when you break down 50 into little numbers like that... well, you end up being able to fit a lot of things in!

If anyone is trying to recreate a low land impact room like this, all the furniture used here came from  Dysfunctional Designs, LAQ, Sway's, BAZAARNIJI-YA, Zigana, Trompe Loeil, Cheeky Pea, XED Deisgn, Chapo Factory, and Apple Fall.

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