Thursday, February 3, 2011


It's been a very long time since I've been on Second Life again, mostly due to the fact that my computer was outdated and couldn't play it, and then it broke down completely for years while I used my little netbook to get around.

Now, however, things seems to be back up to normal, even if this old desktop isn't top of the line. So the blog I wanted to do four years ago might be started now!

Now a lot of people go on Second Life for the shopping, the fashions, the nightlife, or even the sex life. I go on to explore. There are such beautiful places hidden away in virtual space that I feel the need to find just because someone spent the time to build it out of their imagination. Four years ago on Second Life I spent the majority of my time in clubs and role-plays, finding mazes and puzzles. Old habits die hard, I suppose, but now I'm looking for the beautiful and the bizarre. And I understand that a lot of people can't play Second Life-- I was one of those people for four years!

This blog is because I want to share the places in virtual space online with other people, because every time I mention Second Life to my friends, I get scoffs and strange looks. Why am I playing? Why, because of these little treasures, of course.

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