Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter

Sadly, I've had several drafts half finished for a while now, haha~ but here's a quick Easter post because it's been so long, and there are plenty of Easter hunts to do out there!

Everything featured in this image (with the exception of my actual avatar and hair) is actually free stuff that I've gathered throughout the years. A lot of it, therefore, may not be free any more, but here are some of the things might still be there this Easter!

Ears - *katat0nik* [Magic of Oz Spring Hunt FREE] 
Outfit - !gO! Ragwitch Dress [last year's group gift]
Boots - **BE** Puddles Easter
Bento Pose - SarSari Project Se7en GIFT
Lanterns - Dysfunctionality [Great CasperTech Grid Hunt]
Mr. & Mrs. Bunny Egg - Swayland [Easter Hunt Gift]

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