Friday, September 16, 2016

New to Second Life?

Welcome to Second Life, Iphys!
Today we've got a very special entry, created with a lot of help from someone who decided to finally make an account. In exchange for letting me take pictures of the new newbie area (I was curious! It's been a very, very long time since I signed up) and using her for this post, I'd make sure she had everything she needed to not feel inadequate in-game.

Day 1
So if anyone see Iphys online, go over and tell her hi!

L: pr!tty/EmilyC, M: D!va/RS, R: Truth/Addam/EmilyC
As of this post, her avatar is 5 days old and I swear I've done nothing more than give her a single gacha item I had two of, and 5L for her to join the Third Life group. Every single thing she's accumulated beyond that is entirely free. Sit back for this long, long ride! (Long for me, lot of links for you.)

I didn't have all that much time to guide her around the first day, so we started with the basics: after a few minutes spent learning controls and how to fly, etc, I threw a mesh head I got at SOMEMORE gacha for 88L at her and the 5L to join Third Life, and covered basic shapes to start with. She put on the head, adjusted her avatar, and then it as off to Poetic Colors to get her some better eyes. After that was a stop off D!va for hair, and then we dropped off the Edelweiss booth at Insilico for an Attack on Titan uniform (easy to put on and all) and that was all the time I had for the first day.
L: Mello/Caboodle, M: Truth/M*Motion, R: amiable/EmilyC

Of course, being that she was of a realistic height and the head looks quite young, she decided that she didn't want to look so childish, so on day 2 and 3 we went for different mesh hair and clothes. We picked up a few hair gifts from [Mello], joined the pr!tty group for a gift in it's notices, and then went on to [VALE KOER] for some shoes and socks. After that we hit up *COCO* and Zenith and {amiable} and M*Motion and ::S@bbia:: and M.I.X.* for some really kick-ass group gifts. (Top image is Mello hair with an outfit from Zenith.)
L: D!va/MIX, M: D!va/amiable/Addam, R: pr!tty/cheeky/CP

L: MINA/ZD, M: pr!tty/WhiteArmory, R: Truth/Caboodle
She picked up a pair of sculpted hands from ::YEGRINA::  (lucky board item that I had no patience for), and then we started up again the next day.

Day 4 we hit up Caboodle and realised there was a grid wide hunt going on, so I managed to get a few new items myself! After that it was a stop off at Addams, EmilyC, ZD, and Snowpaws. We went for some more hair after that for different occasions: dropped off at Truth, and then MINA.

Day 5 was a round tour to pick up all the gifts at the You.Gatcha event, and a stop off to the White Armory to get something nice and fancy.

I got curious about the items nowadays that were out for new avatars under 30 days, so we went around... a lot of different sims that didn't offer very good stuff. Most of the gifts were years old and entirely out of date, but Sna@tch seemed to have a pretty decent outfit for newbies, and Kastle Rock Couture has a 500L gift card for newbies.

There's just... so, so many outfits I didn't take pictures of. SO many. But we got dozens of outfits and Iphys didn't have the patience to go through everything just for me to take pictures of her (and you might have noticed I like taking pictures of her), and with all the sim-hopping I haven't gotten around to organising anything of my own inventory yet. All of this were just a few of my favourite stores and a cursory search off the Third Life website. I learned that a few of my favourites were gone (SMC, for instance), and that a lot of others were obsolete (oh, whatever happened to BareRose...)

Everything I mentioned here must have been... maybe half of the stores we went to. Most likely not even that. I'm afraid I lost track after a while, though. Either way, it was a successful outing, and I hope it was a fun introduction to Second Life for her (and for whoever might be using this post!), so I'll leave you guys with just one last picture-- this time, one she agreed to take with me.

Dresses and shoes from *COCO*

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