Friday, April 4, 2014

In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!


  ...Yeah, okay, cheesy. But come on -- when you think of super cheesy, don't the old and classic childhood stories come to mind? Admit it, you were the Sailor Moon generation. The Pokemon, the Harry Potter... it's so ingrained in our childhoods that we don't even really have to talk about it. The moment something from those series is mentioned, we just know!

Well, Cutie Moon Fair is currently holding tribute to Sailor Moon! Admittedly, I don't often frequent and then talk about fairs in which they don't have an abundance of free items, but I'll make an exception for the classics (you hear that, Harry Potter sims? Get on it, chop chop!)

I wanted this to just be a short post, so I won't get into how, you know, Sailor Moon is getting a remake this year and everyone should watch it if only for nostalgia's sake, or lamenting over how I didn't have the proper shoes for Sailor Mars because, wow, apparently no one does heels with mesh feet unless it's Slink or something.

Let's instead talk about fitted mesh! Because I still boggle over the feature -- in a good way! I know there were many creators who expected more from Linden Labs, but I think it's still a step in the right direction... maybe sometime soon I might be able to rid myself of 4/5 of my inventory or something since I tend to have five of each mesh item (one of each size) plus alpha. Violent Seduction has created a beautiful line of Sailor Scout uniforms with fitted mesh, and this is the first item I've bought in which I can play around with the sizing! I've got to say, it's pretty amazing watching patches of skin that used to clip through... just stop clipping when you adjust your body size!

Of course, that might not work for everyone. I'm not entirely sure, but as someone with a mesh avatar, this is exceptionally convenient to just adjust the uniform to fit over my avatar rather than having to look for something three sizes too big!  Definitely looking forward to more fitted mesh, so I'm encouraging everyone to update either their Second Life Viewer or Firestorm... otherwise there may soon be a lot of naked avatars about since you can't see their clothes (and I would be one of them, which is a shameful thought, so please update those browsers!).

Shamera is wearing:
Violent Seduction - Eternal Uniform Mars @ Cutie Moon Fair (250L)
Moon Tiara @ Cutie Moon Fair (FREE)
[taketomi] Quele @ New Burley (FREE group gift)
*COCO* RuffleAnkleBoots (Red) @ COCO DESIGNS (FREE group gift)
::{u.f.o}:: sailor chibi moon dress @ Cutie Moon Fair (250L)
.Atomic. Scout Bag {Gatcha} @ Cutie Moon Fair (75L a play)
Cutie Moon Fair Locket @ Cutie Moon Fair (FREE!)
~Tableau Vivant~ Cho Hair @ Beauty Avatar couture (50L a play)

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