Monday, October 28, 2013

System Failure

Okay, for anyone who knows me on Second Life and was with me last Halloween, you might have realised that Resting Place had been my very favourite thing during that time -- a hunt that was not a hunt, focusing on a fantastic story with a great area and beautiful backgrounds, creepy and haunting and with a crap tonne of free items. Fabulous free items. 

Well, the creators of Resting Place have done it again -- and once again, it's only available until mid-November, so I suggest everyone go check out their newest game: System Failure. This place is huge and almost feels like a video game with the way you move through area after area, solve puzzles to get in rooms, and get the story bit by bit.  And talk about amazing, but they give you free items from the get-go (which I'm wearing right in the picture) including a mesh coat, flashlight, and badge. And the list of freebies just continue from there.

You have been called into an interview with SHIELD Technologies, a corporate conglomeration  that makes everything from high tech computers to baby wipes. As you step into the building, you're informed that they're having a bit of technical difficulties and don't worry, they've called in a team to help. You speak with Kevin, who apologises for being busy at the moment and asks you to do a series of tasks for him as part of your interview since he's currently stuck in a meeting. As you roam to complete the tasks, things start feeling a bit... strange. Where are the people working here? Surely they can't all be in the meeting...

With fantastic sound effects and lighting, System Failure immersed me the entire way through (despite my own difficulties with Second Life last night) and took me on beautiful adventure far better than games I've actually had to pay for on SL (no kidding). Extremely creepy at times (my friend definitely broke out her guns by the middle of the story, despite us figuring it wouldn't work anyway), this game is straightforward and linear, and I only got stuck once because I didn't realise I needed to do a bit of backtracking in order to figure out a puzzle.

This gets more and more eerie as the game progresses, and I know I'm definitely tempted to go through this at least one more time just to make sure I got every nook and cranny of the storyline... what if I missed little details?

I won't spoil the story for you (that would be immensely cruel), but I know for certain that I would definitely think twice before agreeing to an interview with SHIELD Technologies now. If you go to a giant coporate building and there's not receptionist there to greet you? Maybe there's something wrong.

Also, as a memo (especially since you find this in a memo in the game), if someone says the shipment is strange and off, then you should probably apply horror movie logic and get the heck out of dodge. Because you can always deal with a day off work and come back if they clear the 'odd' shipment, rather than get caught up in whatever aftermath comes from staying in the horror movie... or game.

Shamera is wearing:
Piercings, headband, lunchbox, bracelets, eyes, skirt, attachments,
necklace, arm dagger, pose, cord hair all SYSTEM FAILURE prizes.
Skin - !FREE! Super Pill (5L)

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