Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer Festival

Vocaloids? I kept looking for them!

It's that time again~!

Okay, so it's not really a specific time or anything. But yesterday I I had a writing meet-up in the morning, a BBQ at the park for lunch, and then afterward I went out to the Summer Festival for a few hours of fun, really loud music, and a cosplay contest (no, I didn't participate. It was far too hot yesterday for cosplay, in my opinion). 

Obviously, this means that when I got home I was obligated to find a festival on Second Life... right?

Okay, not really, but yesterday was also the start of the summer festival hosted by Edelweiss! They're not selling the Attack on Titan stuff anymore (pity), but there's a large area for people missing summer festivals to go dressed in kimonos and eat all sorts of food... and win small prizes while they're at it!

And can we talk delicious foods? Everything at the summer festival is free (haha, yeah, I wish that's how it works in real life, but alas...), with various food stands that all give you items if you want to eat it... feels like Night Market! There are tables for you to sit, lots of food, games... all you need is little stalls to sell cheap wares~ But then again, there are stores everywhere and this isn't exactly a Night Market so much as it is a summer festival.

Make sure to visit this place soon, though, as it only lasts for a week! You don't want to miss out on all the delicious foods around. What I find really fun is that all the booths are "manned" by multiple people... not something I'm used to in Second Life, but I find I like it a lot. It feels more real to have people in the pictures rather than blank and empty stalls that you might be able to go behind yourself and pose; then you're enjoying the festival, you're manning the festival. And that's just not as much fun!
Omnomnom, fried squid~

There's also a shrine to leave prayers at, fireworks, and a haunted house! Obviously, I had to go check out the house, which asks people to go in first person view and for groups to only have one person with the flashlight. I didn't take pictures in the house (how do you do that in first person?), but I know I laughed the way through because my friends were having such a hard time navigating. Maybe it was because I was the one with the flashlight, but they couldn't seem to find their way around at all. Without the flashlight, though, the house is almost pitch black, so you really have to follow that person with the flashlight... and I didn't lead them astray or anything! They just... had a hard time following still.

In conclusion, I had quite a lot of fun yesterday and thought I'd at least share~ Or at least, share some pages of wisdom: no matter how delicious everything is, don't eat more than you can handle.

But other than that, peace and make sure you enjoy your summer!

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