Monday, April 15, 2013

Almost Wonderland

 I don't know what happened with my computer, but it's currently running Second Life again! Granted, I'm still a bit wary so I might limit things for now, but... I'm here at Almost Wonderland because this place is exceptional and I really need to recommend it! There's so many places in Second Life that have elements inspired by Alice in Wonderland and wow, this place delivers for all your Wonderland needs... in a slightly darker way than might be expected.

 Certainly the first part of Wonderland is known by many people... the fall down the rabbit hole, the room with a too small door and the food and drinks that say 'eat/drink me!' They have that here, but beyond that... I remember watching the Disney version and thinking oh this place is very bright and colourful, isn't it?

And that's it. This place is just as colourful as can be expected by Disney fans, and indeed, the fans who read Through the Looking Glass at it's more psychedelic elements. The theme of drugs isn't even a hidden one in the story, considering the caterpillar and just how many things Alice manages to stuff her in her mouth that she shouldn't.

The colours on this sim are bright and glowing and makes the place feel exceptionally surreal. Almost like an acid trip, maybe, except there are so many beautiful details here that I don't know what to make of it. Bad drugs, or alien landscape? The plants have eyes that follow you as you move about, and then there are the phosphorescent plants with such brilliant bio-luminescence that I just had to stop and take a few pictures in awe.

Shucks, though, since apparently I stepped in the wrong area to take pictures and was swallowed up by one of the flowers! Never let it be said that flowers aren't dangerous in Second Life.

Okay, do I didn't see much on the Red or White Queens here or any Jabberwacky around, so it might just be the first parts of the story. I was dressed up ready to fight, too! It's a bit of a shame, although I did manage to stop for some delicious tea and catch a bit of fun just riding in teacups... no, really! It wasn't just drugs in the tea, there really were teacup rides as well!

But of course, that's mostly for people who have shrunk down a few sizes to fit right into those teacups...

With the graveyard in the back of the sim, though, I'd still be weary about just what's going on around here. Just because we don't see the Red Queen doesn't mean she might not be lurking about and keeping tabs on the citizens of Wonderland....

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  1. aawww shucks! Thanks for doing a write up on our sim. It's a labor of love for sure. Did want to let you know we moved so come back and see us again soon!